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Broadcasters / Cable Networks Insurance.

The multidimensional nature of the broadcast industry and the changing technologies utilized in delivering broadcast communications require policies that are custom designed for your unique insurance requirements.

Our Customer Classic sets the industry standard with its modular format and range of options. The Risk Management Strategy developed for Equipment: Satellite & Transmission Equipment (Technical Equip), Production Studio Equipment (Fixed) and Mobile Equipment (fixed equipment & mobile) can reduce your insurance premiums.

The Multimedia Errors and Omissions Professional Liability (E & O) Insurance for Broadcasters we offer is specialized coverage including cyber liability for a variety of media and professional risks against the devastating impact of lawsuits for libel, slander, invasion of privacy, infringement of copyright and other specified torts.

Coverage that goes beyond specified “named perils” to risks arising out of core functions of news organizations: gathering and communicating information to the public.

No exclusion for “internal” copyright disputes brought by employees or freelance writers over “publishing rights”.

A key policy feature is the broadcaster’s right to ask the insurer to defend a claim, protecting no settlement “hammer” clause. Therefore there is no policy clause requiring the insured to settle at the insurer’s request.

Protection for confidential sources, providing coverage for contesting efforts to compel release of confidential sources or information.

As content flows across multiple media platforms such as Video On Demand, Interactive TV, Internet web sites, Wireless/Mobile phones/Mobile TV, it is crucial to develop risk management programs that address the potential loss that convergence brings.

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