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Multimedia Risk provides insurance to the Entertainment Industry through a wide variety of products and services. We are expert in designing insurance policies to suit your requirements. Our focus is on policies that are responsive to the emerging needs of filmmakers, producers, broadcasters, industry associations and their members.

We work with you to meet your objectives whether on coverage or cost while making sure you meet your contractual obligations.  We can advise on how to reduce risk and lower your premium.

Claude Forest, Principal and Senior Broker for Multimedia Risk, Integro (Canada) Ltd., has experience as documentary producer and insurance broker which allows him to anticipate needs and create insurance solutions for the media production industry.

“I help the Filmmaker understand the insurer’s perspective and the insurer understand the Filmmakers perspective. This results in lower risk and lower premiums.

Our commitment to Media Producers goes far beyond insurance, Claude Forest the founder of Multimedia Risk roots go back to having been a camera operator, producer and filmmaker for 15 years. So when we say “We are on your crew” we mean it because we know what you would expect whether this is a short film or a feature.

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